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My name is Jilly and I have recently moved to Spain from England.  I worked as a Slimming World Consultant for 4 years in England. 

If you are anything like me I have tried every way of trying to lose weight nearly all my life.  Yes I have done the cabbage diet, the 5.2 diet, the slim fast diet, the heart diet, slimming pills, Atkins.  You name it I’ve done it.  However, none of these methods I tried could I sustain that way of eating and therefore didn’t really lose weight.

As eating is one of life great pleasures my aim is to promote healthy eating enabling you to lose weight and to keep it off for life and you will be eating lovely, wonderful tasty food. 

I want you to enjoy the food that you love.  I want you to feel good from the inside out. 

I am passionate and committed to help people lose weight.  I have all the knowledge as to how my slimming works.  I have every tool to help you on your weight loss journey and will do what it takes for you to lose weight and feel great.  I will make every effort for you to achieve success.

There’s no food that you can’t have.  You will be able to go out for dinner, go to weddings, parties or any social occasion. 

With Jilly’s Slimming you will be eating real food at every meal time whether it be egg and chips, curry, kebab, lasagne, fish, puddings and sweet dishes – the list is endless.

Once you have achieved YOUR ideal weight you will still be able to continue eating the wonderful beautiful tasty food forever to maintain your weight loss.   

So don’t delay come and join today. Come and tell me what you like eating and I will be able to show and teach you how to prepare food for the best result ever to lose weight and maintain the figure you’ve always dreamed off. 


Looking forward to seeing you. 




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